Getting someone to explain something you have not understood

What do you mean?/ What do you mean by…?
Do you mean (that)…?/ Does that mean (that)…?
What exactly does that mean?
What are you saying/ trying to say?
Don’t you mean…?
What (exactly) does that …mean?

Could/Would you explain this word, please?
‘Trade convention’?/ ‘Curriculum’?/ etc. (echoing the problem word with a question intonation)

Sorry, I didn’t understand (the word)…
Sorry, I’m lost.
Sorry, I’m afraid you’ve lost me there.
Sorry, I don’t/didn’t quite follow you/ what you were saying about…

I’m not sure I understand/ follow you.
I’m afraid I don’t understand.
I don’t quite see what you mean/ what you’re getting at, I’m afraid.
I’m sorry, I’m not quite clear on…
I don’t get you/it/the point.
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