Accepting and Refusing

  • Would you like some cake?

Yes, please.
Sure. Thanks.
Okay. Thank you.

No, thank you
I'd better not.
No, but thanks for offering.

  • Would you like to go see a movie?

Okay. Sounds good.
Sure. I'd love to.
Yeah. Good idea

No, I'd rather not.
I'm sorry, but I can't.
No, but thanks for inviting me.

  • How about some more pie?

All right. Thanks
Looks good. Thanks
Don't mind if I do.

No, thanks.
I'm really full. Thanks anyway.
Looks delicious, but I'll have to pass.

  • How about going skiing this weekend?

Great. What time?
Sounds like fun.
All right. When and where?

Sorry. I'm busy this weekend.
I don't think I can.
How about some other time?



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