Asking for repetition

Purpose: Develop strategies to ask for repetition in order to clarify meaning

  • (I’m) sorry?/ (I) (beg your) pardon?
  • (I’m) sorry, I didn’t hear /catch/get/understand the last part/the part about.../the last/first word.
  • Sorry, what did you say?/ what was that again?
  • What was that word/the first word/ his name/ the last sentence again?
  • Would/Could you repeat/ what you said/ that name/ the last word, please?
  • Could you repeat that for me, please?
  • Would you mind repeating that?
  • Sorry, can/could you say that again please?
  • Sorry, can/could you repeat it more slowly?
  • Sorry, would you mind speaking a bit slower?
  • Sorry, can/could you repeat it more loudly?
  • I’m sorry, I couldn’t/didn’t hear (what you said).
  • I’m sorry, when/who/where/what time did you say?
  • Sorry, did you say…?
  • What?/ You what?/ When?/ Where?/ Who?/ What kind of…?
  • Hang on/ Just a minute, say that again.
  • I didn’t quite catch that.

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